Apply for an account

The Jura Community Shop offers debit accounts.  With a debit account, you deposit money with the shop in advance.  This is recorded in the till.  When you come to pay for the goods you want, they are put through the till as normal, in the same way as a credit account, but this time the value is deducted from the amount you have deposited, leaving a balance for future purchases.  You can see the balance in your debit account at any time.  From time to time, you can deposit more money in your debit account so that you always have a positive balance. You will not be allowed to have a negative balance since this would mean you were operating a credit account.

You can close your debit account at any time and any remaining balance will be refunded to you. Email statements of your account will be issued every month.

You can top up your debit account, or make purchase, using a debit card, a credit card or with cash.  There is no fee or minimum payment for using cards.

Debit account application form

If you would like to apply for a debit account with the shop, please fill in this form with your details.